The Prom Queen Ghost

North Pinellas County

The original contact:

Note:  The original e-mail has been altered to protect the names cited.
Sent: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 9:14 AM

Has anyone heard of this?

I am doing research on a legend in Largo, Florida, and thought you may know of it. Its the legend of the prom queen on old Alternate Keene Road. I already know that the ghost’s name was/is [V.F.], who was killed in a car wreck in [the 1980’s]. 

I’m trying to find out what school she attended, and if you know any other aspect to the legend. If you, or your associates know of this legend, I would really appreciate your help.

 Hope to hear from you.

The Response: You are correct the name submitted, but not the year of her untimely death or the name of the road where the accident took place.

V.F. was a passenger in a car that included 3-other occupants. Not only was V.F. killed but one other male passenger perished in the event.  

The actual road where the accident took place is Alt Keene Road, just north of Ulmerton Blvd. As an article we discovered mentions, the car had just turned when the driver lost control, veered into the south bound land and crashed into a grove of Pecan trees. There were two additional male survivors of this accident; one still resides in the area. Again, out of respect and we have chosen not to contact this individual.  

This date of the accident (in early Spring) is currently presumed to be to early for prom queen crowning and we are further investigating to see if V.F. may have been considered as a prom queen candidate. We will add addendums as we complete our investigation.

Investigation into location:  The only “grove” of trees that we could fine.  These are not the pecan trees described, but the only grove around.  Brandy’s camera (digital) did get orbs (below).  I included images of the grove without any orbs to contrast to the two images we have with orbs.  Additionally, we went to the grove two separate times; each visit produced one orb image each. (Below).

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